Pressure Washing Exterior Surfaces In Norfolk 

Spring is on its way and the time comes to think about pressure washing. Most of us like our outside spaces to look clean and inviting. For businesses it's about creating the right impression, for others it's about extending your home by being able to enjoy your outside room.

Al-fresco dining, BBQs or just some down time lounging on the patio with wine and maybe some friends. A visit from Odd Bods can make your outside space look like new.

Exterior Presssure Washing Norfolk

Using our fantastic pressure washers we can pressure wash any exterior surface. We use both hot and cold and even steam when required to provide a deep, non destructive, clean.

Whether it's your paths, car parks, patios or driveways a deep clean can remove all organic staining and growth. Once the areas are cleaned by Odd Bods you really will be surprised just how great the surfaces look.

Sometimes a new home owner can be in for a big surprise. The owner thought the block paving was grey and would benefit from a clean up, little did they know that the blocks were actually a gorgeous red brick. This image is truly staggering and really shows from the before shot just how much discolouration can occur over the years.