Leisure Facility Cleaning

We can help with any leisure facility cleaning including swimming pools, no matter how high or tough.

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Leisure Facility Cleaning

Leisure Centre Specialists

At Odd Bods we take great pride in being able to tackle most cleaning challenges that come our way. So much so that our range of services even includes swimming pools and a variety of other leisure facilities.

We specialise in providing the highest level of internal cleaning without making a mess.

Consider all those hard to reach dusty roof girders, draped in cobwebs, that are above your pool and incredibly difficult to access. When something is so awkward to reach then you need a specialist solution and that is something we can provide..

Leisure Centre Specialists

How We Work

We use a high-powered vacuum system that is equipped with long, lightweight tools and brush heads that have been custom designed to assist us in reaching above your pool.

This allows us to remove all the dust and cobwebs, collecting it cleanly within the vacuum and ensuring that none of the debris ends up in the pool itself.

When it comes to your poolside safety flooring, for the areas that are almost impossible to clean with the more traditional mop and bucket method, we also carry a range of specialised cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions are also suitable for use on pool decks.

Outdoor Services

Outdoor leisure surfaces can easily become dirty and contaminated with things like moss, algae and even lichen.

These can become slippery creating a playing surface that is incredibly dangerous to use. Of course, the surface of your outdoor leisure space needs to be treated with considerable care during the cleaning process to prevent damage occurring.

Here at Odd Bods we believe that nothing less than the best will do which is why we use only the correct chemicals and high-quality equipment ensuring that you get a job that is done properly. If you are looking for the best results, then we are the cleaning specialists for you.

Not Just For The Pool

Our specialised cleaning solutions are not just limited to use in swimming pools, we can also tackle a variety of other leisure facilities in fact no job is too big, or indeed too small.

We have experience of cleaning tennis courts, bowling greens, even football pitches and of course swimming pools.

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