Brick & Masonry Cleaning

Our specialist team have years of experience, allowing us to clean walls and other brick work to look almost as good as new.

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Brick Cleaning Norfolk

Brick & Masonry Cleaning Norfolk

Houses are built in this country, using brick and stone to withstand everything that Mother Nature wishes to bombard us with.

Naturally, that means that over time our buildings can start to look a little weather-beaten , and urban properties, contending with poor air quality, smoke and pollution, can begin to look positively filthy.

When this happens, restoration services are required, and that is where we come in with a range of brick cleaning and masonry cleaning to suit your needs.

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Why Clean?

Specialist property cleaning, such as brick cleaning, is something that all home and business owners should invest in.

After all, your property is your biggest investment, and there are lots of things that can leave their mark , from algae to traffic fumes.

Because of this, it is important to be sure that the cleaning process won't actually speed up the rate of decay by removing the protective patina that's been built up over the years.

With our level of experience in brick and masonry cleaning, we use effective methods that won't compromise your property.

We count the National Trust amongst our list of satisfied clients, so you can be sure we'll take care of your property.

How Do We Do It?

Over time, our properties have to withstand a lot, and so it is of little surprise that they start to deteriorate.

We will ensure your property is restored back to immaculate condition with masonry and brick cleaning that really works. We use advanced cleaning systems, including JOS Torc System and DOFF System cleaning.

The solution we use depends on your property and the condition of it. For some properties, we will use an industrial pressure washer to carefully remove the likes of organic contamination stains, oil, grease, wax coatings, pest fouling, bird fouling, graffiti, lichen, fungi, moss, paint coatings, and dirt.

However, for more delicate mortar or stonework, we may use a detergent to gently cleanse the surface, as a pressure washer will be too harsh for other methods of brick cleaning.

Where Can We Do It?

We cover all of Norfolk and provide masonry cleaning for any building, no matter the size.

If we find we need specialist equipment to be able to reach the upper levels of your property, we have team members who are fully trained to use cherry pickers, scissor lifts, or other types of access equipment.

Why Us?

We have years of experience, cleaning everything from aircraft hangers to tennis courts, windows to roofs, and can have your brickwork or masonry looking exceptional in no time.

We have full insurance for your peace of mind and offer a fully comprehensive service, including hire of all access and cleaning machinery.