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We have the capabilities to clean almost an surface, and have a range of services tailored to your individual needs.

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Bespoke Cleaning Services In Norfolk

External cleaning can be tricky. There are all those different surfaces to tackle, some of which need more careful treatment than others.

From those awkward to deal with areas to those hard to reach areas that require the use of special equipment just to get close enough, at Odd Bods we have highly trained staff and all the necessary equipment to tackle all of your external cleaning requirements.

Years of experience

Our many years of experience within the cleaning industry have given us the knowhow to tackle all types of external cleaning on all forms of surfaces. If you are looking for someone to clean the exterior of your commercial property then we can help.

However, we can also help with cleaning of war monuments, gravestones, bus shelters and even towers. Over time the build up of dirt, traffic grime and even graffiti can make an area look unsightly.

Making sure that these surfaces are cleaned is a good way to check that the area underneath is not damaged. If it is, you can make the appropriate repairs before it becomes worse.

The Best Techniques For Every Job

We use a variety of different techniques in order to improve the surface of whatever we are cleaning.

We match the technique to the surface in question to make sure we are using the most effective solution to provide the best clean whilst ensuring that no damage is made to the surface in question.

The most effective cleaning method for brick and stone is pressure washing, however for any surface area that is painted or has delicate plaster work we prefer to use a softer washing method that is much gentler on the surface we are restoring and doesn.t cause any damage.

Boats And Even Planes

We don't just limit our external cleaning to buildings and stonework, we also specialise in the cleaning of larger vehicles such as boats.

If you want to enjoy owning your boat without any of the difficulties associated with cleaning off all those signs of weathering and algae that can all too easily accumulate over time, then let us deal with it for you. We have the appropriate cleaning equipment to make light work of all those tricky nooks and crannies, restoring your boat to its pristine glory, ready for you to enjoy.

We can even clean planes! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, so if you have an area of external cleaning that needs tackling and you simply don't know where to start, then why not get in touch to see just how we can help you..

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