Gutter Clearance

Professional and affordable gutter clearance for commercial and domestic clients across Norfolk and Suffolk.

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Gutter Clearance Norfolk

Gutter Clearance Services In Norfolk

We offer a professional Gutter clearance and cleaning service for commercial clients throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. Our gutter clearing service utilises a powerful GutterVac system, which literally "sucks" the debris and blockages away.

This system is ladderless, and allows operatives using specialist poles and camera systems to work from the ground whilst successfully clearing blocked gutters and down pipes up to 50ft high. Odd Bod's was one of the first companies in Norfolk to specialise in high level vacuuming from the ground.

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Our System

Our GutterVac system allows us to clear leaves, moss and other debris from gutters and allow them to run free again.

With this system we can also reach high and awkward gutters that were previously inaccessible from ladders, allowing them to be cleared quickly and safely.

Able To Reach Up To 50ft

Odd Bods was one of the first companies in Norfolk to specialise in high level GutterVac cleaning from the ground.

Using our powerful vacuum machines and specially adapted lightweight poles we are able to reach over your conservatory or extension to the most awkward places on the roof line up to 50ft.

Our Remote TV System

Working from the ground we can clear debris and blockages from the gutter that can cause serious damage to your home or office.

We also offer a remote TV survey system details available upon request. Thanks to the latest technology we can clear your gutters, quickly and safely without the need for expensive scaffolding.

More Than Just Gutter Clearance

Using a variety of custom made tooling, this super GutterVac will also allow buildings to be cleared of dust internally in preparation for decorating, or for hygiene purposes - it will even remove all cobwebs and dust from the inside of roof panels in commercial and industrial units!