Oil Stain & Chemical Spills

Professional and affordable oil stain removal in Norfolk, we can clean oil, chemical and grease stains on driveways, car parks or other surfaces..

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Oil Stain & Chemical Spills

Oil Stain Removal In Norfolk

One of the many things we're asked about here at Odd Bods is how we can get almost any surface clear of dirt and grime. 

The answer is: We're professionals.

There are a wealth of different treatments on the market for different types of stains, and one of the most stubborn ones is oil stains. Here at Odd Bods, we can rid you of oil stains and ensure that you're left with pristine pavements, car parks or other surfaces, by knowing exactly what to do with them. Your driveway or car park may be absolutely picture perfect to begin with, but it only takes one small oil leak from a vehicle that passes by to ruin the entire effect. 

Oil stains are unsightly and whether they're left by you or your visitors are a source of frustration for many business owners and home-owners alike.

Oil stain removal norfolk

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