Norfolk Roof Cleaning, Why It's The Best Choice For You

When it comes to roof cleaning, many wonder where to start, and therefore often do nothing. Roof cleaning in Norfolk and East Anglia is something which isn't safe for homeowners to be undertaking themselves as it can be costly and dangerous.

Therefore, it is essential to call in the professionals who can do the work for you. It is a job that many people put off but is crucial to the longevity of the property that sits under the roof, as well as for the structure itself, not to mention to make it aesthetically pleasing which adds huge kerbside appeal!

Roof Cleaning In Norfolk

Roof Care is Vital

Roof maintenance is something that needs to be done rather than a luxury that might be undertaken. Sadly many people do not realise the importance. Roofs are prone to may issues, from moss and algae which thrive in shaded areas and love damp weather for growth, to water trapping on the surface of the roof and between the tiles, which expands in the cold as the water freezes.

Both these issues can cause significant damage to the roof so by having it professionally cleaned you are offering the best protection possible. We will, of course, let you know if we spot issues that could turn into significant bills if not sorted quickly. A heavy mossed roof can also result in guttering problems, meaning that your gutters are frequently blocked and damp issues often arise.

The Cost

Cost is something that can often initially deter. However it is often more affordable than you may initially think! Left unattended bills can result from cracked and damaged tiles, or water damaging the structure of the property itself can rapidly mount up. Remember insurance companies may refuse to pay out if the property has apparently been neglected.

This is especially pertinent for landlords as they are often not around to visually check the roof, so having a clean booked means that this worry is taken away. Even if you own and live at the property, the cost of cleaning your roof should be viewed as an investment rather than a chore.

We have the correct safety equipment, and our staff are highly trained specialists in roof care, so able to offer a first-rate service, and, as mentioned above, alert you to any issues they spot when working.

Finally, A Note on Safety

Cleaning a roof requires specialist equipment. If you do not have the right working platforms, safety harnesses or anchors, do not attempt to work on your own roof.

If you are not sure how to clean a roof safely, or what kind of roofing supplies you will need to fix damaged tiles or slates, then you should seek professional help. Working at height is dangerous, and if you damage your roof, it could be expensive to repair it.

If damage to tiles or shingles goes undetected, you could end up with a problem that affects other parts of your home. There are excellent reasons why using a professional roof cleaning service for your Norfolk roof is the best possible idea.

Odd Bods Cleaning strives to provide you with the best possible cleaning service for your roof. We take pride in our ability to clean any roof, whether it is domestic or commercial in design. No roof is too big or too small, so we encourage you to contact us with your queries and requirements.