A full exterior cleaning service

You only get one chance to make a first impression or so they say: It can be the same for your properties exterior. We offer a full range of exterior cleaning across Norfolk and often beyond.

Whether it's a tiny flat, a house, office block or castle. Or a new property, old or even a listed one we will be able to provide a cleaning solution.

Huge Range Of Services

From top to bottom we can help; from window and gutter cleaning, from roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning to graffiti removal, from conservatories and fascia's, render and cladding, from brick and stone cleaning, to driveway and patio cleaning.

Car park cleaning, caravan cleaning, tennis courts, swimming pool and playground cleaning, we do it all. If it's outside and needs cleaning we will have a service that suits. Exterior cleaning can make a huge difference to the appearance of your property. Odd Bods striving to make your exterior superior!

Exterior Cleaning Norfolk

In Safe Hands

As well as many years of experience we are also fully insured. With Odd Bods Cleaning you really are in safe hands. Using a large range of proven cleaning methods from traditional hand window cleaning on occasions, to water fed pole cleaning to enable all glass high and low to be cleaned safely.

Using industrial gutter cleaning equipment to clear blocked gutters with operators being safe on the ground. We also use mobile working elevated platforms so there really is no building that is too tall.

Not damaged

Our pressure washing services really are incredible, using fully controlled variable pressure, hot or cold water or even steam, endures that your property surfaces are not damaged during any cleaning processes.

All our staff our fully trained and highly customer focused, they are uniformed, polite and excellent at their jobs. 

Here at Odd Bods we really want you to be delighted not only with the exterior cleaning works but also the customer service experience too.